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The most ridiculous thing about The Ridiculous 6 trailer is the fact it exists

So, the trailer for Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous 6 is here, and while it’s certainly no Blazing Saddles, it’s seemingly been scrubbed clean of the offensive jokes that prompted a partial cast walkout this summer. But that’s probably because it’s only two minutes; the full movie should have plenty of reasons for which people will “lose their shit,” as Mark Twain puts it (in the movie). Could he be talking about Rob Schneider reprising his role as a stereotype of a culture to which he doesn’t belong? Yes, but probably lots of other stuff, too.


Because it bears repeating (mostly so that we could make that pun), Sandler stars as Tommy a.k.a White Knife, a white orphan who was raised by Native Americans. And since this isn’t Dances With Wolves either—Sandler’s co-star and Twain impersonator, Vanilla Ice, made that perfectly clear—he’s seemingly put his upbringing to good use as a bank robber. Tommy eventually falls in with a band of dimwitted outlaws who turn out to be his half-brothers, because what other kind of kids would Nick Nolte sire anyway?

Aside from Schneider, Ice, and Nolte, the cast is filled with Sandler’s usual accomplices, including David Spade, Nick Swardson, and Norm MacDonald. Luke Wilson, Terry Crews, and Taylor Lautner round out The Ridiculous 6, which premieres December 11 on Netflix.