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The Neighbors 2 red-band trailer dives deeper into déjà vu

A few months ago, the first Neighbors 2 trailer dropped to remind everyone that a Neighbors sequel is on its way to balance the scales of gender stereotypes within the college Greek system. And for those who felt it neither had enough swearing nor dove sufficiently into a plot that’s essentially a mirror image of the first film, you’re in luck: the red band trailer is here.


This time, in addition to some fully clothed sex, there’s a richer storyline to follow. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne have sold their house, and as long as nothing wild and crazy happens in the next 30 days, they’ll close just fine. Enter something wild and crazy—a sorority moving in next door in place of a fraternity—and suddenly you’ve got the perfect platform (again) for cross-generational misunderstandings, crude jokes, and a shirtless Zac Efron. He’s back to “shut this shit down” by “switching sides,” staging a one-man dance performance, and convincing his best bro Rogen to launch himself out of a garage using a car airbag. Ideally, this all prompts Selena Gomez and Chloë Grace Moretz to skip out on rent until peace is restored to the suburban housing market.

The bro- and girl-bro-down hits theaters May 20.

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