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The Neon Demon red-band trailer oozes with sexy, sinister atmosphere

[Hi, the trailer above has nudity in it, so don’t click on it if that sort of thing isn’t acceptable at your place of business. Thanks.]


Nicolas Winding Refn’s movies are known for a few things, and tight plotting isn’t one of them. Gorgeously staged, color-coded tableaus are on the top of that list, though, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of those and very little story in the new, decidedly NSFW red-band trailer for Refn’s latest, The Neon Demon. While the basic structure is quite similar to the first trailer for the film, this one gives us a little more of Jena Malone’s makeup-artist character, implying that she’s involved in the sinister cabal of youth-obsessed vampires (or whatever) that hungers for up-and-coming model Elle Fanning’s hot young blood. (Did we say blood? We meant bod.) It also has a cougar (the animal), the briefest glimpse of Keanu Reeves, and naked models showering in blood, which looks cool but must have left quite a mess.

The trailer also implies that Refn was inspired by arty ‘80s horror movies like Paul Schrader’s version of Cat People and Tony Scott’s The Hunger—co-starring David Bowie as a stylish vampire—when he was dreaming up this one, which we’re not complaining about at all. U.S. audiences can bathe in the neon-drenched atmosphere when The Neon Demon hits American theaters on June 24, 2016.