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Initial teaser trailers for Absolutely Fabulous’ belated big-screen debut have, thus far, been light on plot and heavy on the vodka crans. Which is fair, because the show itself can be like that as well. But now a full trailer for the liquor-soaked adventures of social-climbing fashion groupies Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Edina (Jennifer Saunders) has a full trailer, and it actually gives us some idea of what’ll happen in the movie. It also features currently popular celebrities, to remind us what year it is.


The presence of Kate Moss—whose appearance prompts one of the trailer’s funniest lines, an urgent “KATE MOSS IS CHANGING HER PR!”—doesn’t exactly scream “2016.” But Jon Hamm and Rebel Wilson are there (that’s current, right?), and besides, Moss is swiftly dispatched when Edina accidentally pushes her into the Thames, setting off the film’s plot. (What, you thought that headline was a metaphor?) Those are only three of the movie’s voluminous celebrity cameos, though, which reportedly also include fabulous people like Cara Delevinge, Gwendoline Christie, Joan Collins, and even Kim Kardashian West, sweetie darling.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hits U.K. theaters on July 1 and America on July 22.

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