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The new Ant-Man trailer no longer looks like a case of diminishing returns

When we debuted the first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man, we were a little nervous about the whole endeavor. The Edgar Wright kerfuffle and subsequent re-shuffling of the very small deck of actors wasn’t promising, even if hiring Peyton Reed helped to allay some fears. The first look at the film was equally disappointing, despite some good-looking effects and the always welcome presence of star Paul Rudd. This new trailer, on the other hand, feels much more reassuring. It’s got a more freewheeling and fun comic-book movie vibe, which feels like the tone you should be going for when your movie is called Ant-Man. It’s got action, it’s got jokes, it’s got Evangeline Lilly punching Paul Rudd in the face, everything. And if there’s more stuff like the great bit with the train set at the end, then it would seem that Reed and crew have done their jobs. We’ll know for sure when Ant-Man opens on July 17.


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