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The new Bridget Jones’s Baby trailer reveals more about one potential daddy

Fifteen years after the “patron saint of singletons” found true love in her first film—and 12 years after she found it once again in the first sequel—Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) in back on big screens sporting a big, baby-filled belly. The most pressing of her numerous problems this time is that she’s not sure who the dad is. It might be her on-again/off-again ex-husband Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). Or it could possibly be Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey), an American with whom she shared a wild six-hour tryst. The perpetually forlorn diarist once again finds herself caught up in a zany situation with two gentlemen vying for her affection. This time, though, they’re also squabbling for paternity rights (just as normally occurs in real life).

The first trailer for this film—directed by Sharon Maguire (who also made the original Bridget Jones’s Diary)—was released back in March and did an adequate job of setting up the premise and presenting Jones as the hapless sad sack we all love. This new one, though, gives us a little bit of a better look at her two potential dads, including the motorcycle-riding, scruffy-faced Yank played by the nerd from Can’t Buy Me Love. Based on columns by author Helen Fielding, the script was written by Fielding, David Nicholls, and Emma Thompson, who also co-stars as Jones’s extremely serious obstetrician.

Bridget Jones’s Baby will come mewling into theaters on September 16.

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