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The new Good Dinosaur trailer really pushes the “magical land” angle

The first couple of teaser trailers hinted at what sort of film The Good Dinosaur might be: lush, expansive, and Pixar-esque as can be. Now comes the first official trailer, and all those qualities are amplified to about a million. In a kind of flesh-and-blood companion piece to Wall-E, this film about what might have happened if dinosaurs never went extinct details the friendship between a cartoonish dino and a caveman-era child.

The (extremely overpowering) world music used throughout the trailer suggests there might not be much dialogue, though that could be a feint. (After all, you don’t fire and re-hire an all-new voice cast unless there’s at least a few things for them to say.) The film comes out November 25, so until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with two minutes of giant snake fighting, firefly appreciation, and pratfalls.


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