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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The first trailer for Mud director Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special was all about a sci-fi mystery, with Michael Shannon running across the country alongside Joel Edgerton and a magic little boy who has supernatural powers of some kind. This new trailer expands on the first one a little, mostly in the form of more interactions between Shannon and the magic boy, who happens to be his son. There’s still a lot of mysterious stuff happening, and some bad-looking military dudes are still out to get the magic boy, but it seems like Michael Shannon is going to do whatever it takes to protect his son (like using a thick accent that involves not moving his mouth a whole lot). Near the end of the trailer, Shannon tells his son that he’ll always worry about him, and that he likes worrying about him, indicating that he loves the boy despite his glowing eyes and magic powers. There’s probably a lesson in that for any dads out there.


Midnight Special will be in theaters on March 18.

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