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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, sails into theaters in less than two months. Yesterday, though, Disney gave away what would seem to be one of the movie’s big narrative reveals, releasing a trailer that shows Orlando Bloom’s character, Will Turner, return to the franchise in the fishy flesh.


For those who don’t remember Will, he was the male love interest in the original Pirates trilogy, spending most of his time jumping desperately between whichever bits of scenery Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush hadn’t gleefully inhaled. When last we saw him, he was leaving his wife and family to miserably captain the Flying Dutchman, but now he’s back, and sporting some Davy Jones-esque head coral of his own. That being said, he seems pretty happy to be reunited with his son, Brenton Thwaites’ character Henry (whose own secret identity was also blown in a promo this week, because Disney can apparently keep nothing from its beloved Pirates-loving audiences).

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