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The new Tomorrowland trailer has more futuristic cities, futuristic Clooneys

Sandwiched among a million weepy commercials about being a Good Dad, Disney debuted a new teaser for Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland during the Super Bowl. The first trailer, which debuted in October, instantly filled in some details of the plot that had been kept tightly under wraps in the nearly four years since Damon Lindelof sold it to Disney, under the top-secret title 1952. We saw a surly teen, played by Britt Robertson, instantly transported to a futuristic landscape upon touching a souvenir pin, all under a dulcet George Clooney voiceover talking up a “secret place where nothing is impossible.”

The new spot uses a slightly longer version of that same narration, but contains a considerable amount of new footage in its 32 seconds—including looks at a complex steampunk machine, a dumbfounded-looking Hugh Laurie, and a few glimpses at a cityscape that resembles the opening credits of Futurama. There’s also a bit where Clooney blasts off in a rocket ship while clutching a suitcase (perhaps containing the last surviving copy of Monuments Men, to be flung into the sun). The trailer ends by directing users to TakeMeToTomorrowland.com, which at present consists of a video of the trailer and a countdown timer. Tomorrowland arrives May 22, 2015.

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