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The new trailer for Blake Lively shark-attack flick The Shallows sneaks up on you

When the first trailer for The Shallows, the upcoming killer-shark movie starring former Gossip Girl and current gossip woman Blake Lively, was released, there were a lot of questions left unanswered. It showed Lively’s character waking up on a rock in the middle of a shallow ocean lagoon, injured and disoriented. How did she get there? Does she normally wear surfing attire? Is this all taking place inside a snow globe? It made the film practically look like an episode of The Twilight Zone. And while that’s always a fun idea, the latest version is a lot clearer about the trajectory of the film.

In fact, this new trailer unfolds so languidly for the first half, it feels almost like a mini-movie. Here, we watch Lively enjoying her vacation from her normal life at Baylor, soaking in the sun, enjoying the local culture at “Paradise,” and politely rebuffing the entreaties of two beach bros to come hang with them. Despite all the ominous portents that stem from knowing what trailer you’re watching, the actual shark-on-human violence really sneaks up on you. But once it does, everything shifts into frightened survival mode, as we root for her to somehow get through this ordeal.

Directed by Non-Stop helmer Jaume Collet-Serra, these advance looks make us excited for June 29, because a great shark-attack film is the best part of summer, on those rare occasions when one actually appears.

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