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The new trailer for Rob Zombie’s 31 is shorter, gorier, and clown-ier than ever

As we previously reported, the first full-length trailer for Rob Zombie’s upcoming survive-the-night horror film 31 delivered the gist of the narrative with grimy aplomb. And if you watched those earlier two minutes and 20 seconds and thought to yourself, “Man, this trailer is really dragging out the plot, let’s get to the good stuff already!”, you’re in for a bloody treat—and not in the British sense of the word.


This new minute-long trailer dispenses with all that story nonsense in the first 10 seconds, instead delivering a nonstop montage of hacks, slashes, spurts, screams, and everything else Zombie devotees would expect at the heart of this passion project. And clowns. Let’s not forget an ongoing procession of trashy, murderous clowns. We’ve still got film editor A.A. Dowd’s words of warning about this movie ringing in our eyes, but from these ads, it looks like the quintessential Rob Zombie horror film. And now, it’s got a quintessential Rob Zombie trailer to accompany it, all clowns and blood, with the reassuring sound of a chainsaw as aural balm.

31 launches its all-night assault into theaters October 21.

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