For those still keeping tabs on the Huntsman franchise despite their confusion over whether The Huntsman: Winter’s War is a spinoff from or prequel to Snow White And The Huntsman—an admittedly paltry faction—the new trailer for Winter’s War aims to demystify with a voiceover that twice proclaims it as the story “before” Snow White. It also demystifies everything else, revealing practically the entire movie and even what appears to be the climax. Moreover, the trailer has the moxie to carry the tagline, “Who will win the war?,” when its target audience has already seen the story that takes place after this one and thus can answer that question with mystical powers of deductive reasoning.

Still, there are a few enjoyably over-the-top moments in the preview, like Freya (Emily Blunt) using her Elsa powers after her sister Ravenna (Charlize Theron) does harm to Freya’s infant daughter, coating the palace in ice and tipping frozen people over so they shatter on the floor. Freya also rides a polar bear into battle and raises an army of murderous children, perhaps orphans of parents now lying in several thousand icy pieces. There’s even the suggestion of fun training montages between the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and his love interest Sarah (Jessica Chastain). He throws an axe, she shoots a bow, they take each other’s clothes off—it’s what young people did back then.


Anyway, people familiar with generic fantasy storytelling will know pretty much the entire script after watching this trailer, but for those still craving the real deal, The Huntsman: Winter’s War hits theaters April 22.