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The Paper Heart Trailer Could Be A Lot More Precious

The trailer for the Charlene Yi-falls-in-love-with-Michael-Cera-in-the-vicinity-of-puppets faux-documentary Paper Heart found its way online today—an event that is remarkable only because, judging by the movie's less-than-enthusiastic reception at Sundance, Paper Heart is supposed to be the final pixie stick that broke the moving jaw of the Teddy Ruxpin doll of dopey, indie, quirk-mance movies. So, naturally, when I clicked play on the trailer, I expected a Lisa-Frank rainbow to shoot straight out of my computer and sprinkle sugar directly in my eyes.

Thankfully, that didn't happen. There is at least one diorama made out of pure annoyance, though.

Okay, so the soundtrack sounds like a chorus of baby leprechauns gently farting, there's at least one ironic breakdancing scene, and there are many many glimpses of puppets and/or dioramas, but this trailer—at least—is hardly "when twee attacks." The marketing department must have done a pretty good job of dialing down the preciousness, because the bad reviews prepared me for much, much worse. I half-expected to see a glimpse of a scene where Cera and Yi both show up for a bowling date dressed as penguins (for no reason), or where one of them goes to the supermarket wearing flippers and the other a snorkel mask, or the story of their first meeting acted out by hamsters in adorable tiny hoodies—You know, hard-core twee quirkmance stuff.  At least a "love scene" where, instead of physical contact, they make each other lanyard valentines.


The movie still looks like it's going to be about as enjoyable as a friendship bracelet laced with itching powder, but it could have been a lot worse. Ah, diminished expectations for irritation.