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The Peacemaker

Nicole Kidman is a former nuclear-weapons designer who's now working for the U.S. government as a bomb expert. George Clooney is an Army ranger and military-intelligence operative whose specialty is the former Soviet Union. When a bunch of nuclear devices are stolen from the former Soviet Union, Clooney and Kidman are thrown together to find out who did it and where the bombs are headed. Soon the mono-emotive Kidman is running around in athletic but well-tailored pantsuits, talking on the phone with important people, and shouting a lot, while the mono-expressive Clooney goes to Hunk-Con One and indulges himself in the standard beating, shooting, fancy driving, and general mayhem. Soon, fists and bullets are flying, people are utilizing the very latest in cutting-edge military catch phrases, a bunch of pleasing colored light is flickering up on the screen, and very little is actually happening. Most action movies are so confident of their automatic audience that they're no better than they have to be. The Peacemaker isn't half that good.


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