John Leguizamo plays a wacky, wacky guy who allows himself to be hunted a la The Most Dangerous Game in order to collect the $50,000 he owes the mob. And, because there's nothing funnier than ethnic cleansing, it turns out that the hunter is a German who collects the heads of various ethnic groups as trophies, and needs a Latino to complete his collection. Laughing yet? How about if one scene involves Leguizamo and his adversary's smitten homosexual son vomiting on each other for what seems like five minutes? How about if one scene involves a bazooka, a grass skirt, and a shit-stained sock? Anyone who has seen one of Leguizamo's one-man shows knows he has talent, which only makes The Pest more frustrating. It seems to be targeted at eight-year-old boys with attention-deficit disorder, and could have been more competently made by any one of them.