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“The pitch is back” in the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2

The trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 may not have any “aca” jokes, but it does have a whole lot of singing. Having come together as a makeshift family during the first film, The Bellas are now a harmonious group that loves slumber parties, slow-motion pillow fights, and camp fire sing-alongs (to the first film’s hit single “Cups,” of course). This time around, however, The Bellas are competing in the World Championship of A Cappella, an international battle the U.S. has never won. (“They hate us!,” Elizabeth Banks explains.) The original cast is back for the sequel, including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow, with Hailee Steinfeld on board as a new member of the group. Pitch Perfect 2 aca-hits theaters on May 15.


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