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The Prequels Strike Back asks fans to unlearn what they have learned about Star Wars

It would appear that both The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are part of a massive apology tour from Kathleen Kennedy for George Lucas’s prequel trilogy, attempting to recapture that magic of the original 1977 film by basically remaking it. Each film of the prequel series, beginning with 1999’s The Phantom Menace, was met with with revulsion and abhorrence by fans who went and saw them three times each, just to make sure they weren’t missing anything.

However, it turns out not every Star Wars fan despises the prequels—after all, hate leads to suffering blah, blah blah—and those fans are the subject of a new documentary, The Prequels Strike Back, from filmmaker and prequel apologist Bradley Weatherholt. Throughout the course of the film, Weahterholt seeks to “unlearn the prequels,” delving into the method to Lucas’s madness and take a second look at one of the most polarizing series of films in pop-culture history.


The new trailer touches on that sense of nausea that longtime Star Wars enthusiasts experienced on May 19, 1999, as what appeared to be an Ambien-addicted Obi-Wan Kenobi strolled onto a Federation flagship to negotiate trade routes. It also explores Mike Kilmo’s Ring Theory, which compares the entire saga of the dysfunctional Skywalkers to poetry. The film interviews artists that actually worked on George Lucas’s films, as well as commentary from the average fan to all the way up to fanboy ambassador Kevin Smith, all seeking to answer the question, “why on Earth are we complaining about this?”

The Prequels Strike Back will seek to repair your damaged childhood at the Alamo Drafthouse on October 6.

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