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If you thought that time you bruised your ribs in the pit was bad, just wait until you see the damaged inflicted on the members of touring punk band The Ain’t Rights after they see something they shouldn’t in Green Room. Inspired by director Jeremy Saulnier’s own punk-rock past, Green Room is a brutal take on the siege movie co-starring Patrick Stewart as the cold, calculating leader of a neo-Nazi skinhead gang and Imogen Poots as Amber, a member of the gang who’s more dangerous than she seems.

A teaser for the film was released a few weeks ago, and now the full-red-band trailer for Green Room has arrived. Cut almost like a horror-movie preview, this spot plays up the movie’s intense violence, including one literally bone-crunching moment that evoked gasps when The A.V. Club saw it at Fantastic Fest.


Green Room is set to kick down doors in New York and L.A. on April 15 before opening nationwide on April 29.

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