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The red band trailer for the new Vacation is back on holiday road

Viewers could be forgiven for getting temporarily confused by the beginning of this trailer, which for almost 30 seconds shows nothing but clips from the original National Lampoon’s Vacation from 1983. However, it’s all just prelude to the new 30-years-later sequel, which finds Ed Helms playing the adult version of Rusty Griswold, who decides to take his family on a vacation (oh, now we get it) re-tracing the path of that first iconic road trip. It’s a red band trailer, which means you get to hear a little kid say “bullshit,” along with Christina Applegate’s long-suffering spouse shutting down some of Helms’ more appalling dirty references to his kids. Also, Chris Hemsworth makes an appearance, doubling down on his shirtless scene tally by adding a hefty genital bulge in his underwear. We get it, Thor, you’re hot. You’ll get to see even more of Hemsworth’s chiseled physique when the film is released on July 31.


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