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The Rock thinks he’s Aquaman in this Baywatch teaser

The first full trailer for Baywatch arrives online tomorrow, which means today is that most holy of December holidays: Baywatch Trailer Eve. To celebrate the merry occasion, Paramount has released a teaser for said trailer today, featuring star Dwayne Johnson rising, monolithic, from the majestic ocean waves.

The intent, clearly, is to poke fun at Warner Bros.’ upcoming Aquaman, what with all its melodramatic music and talk about the ocean’s “most powerful force.” That being said, we’re not sure why Johnson is muddying the waters by also calling his team—including Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and Alexandra Daddario—the #AvengersOfTheBeach in his tweet announcing the teaser, unless he just wants to be all of the world’s superheroes at once. (To be clear: we’re not entirely against this idea.)


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