The trailer for She’s Funny That Way, Peter Bogdanovich’s first directorial feature in 14 years, is here, and it only requires six or seven viewings to fully understand the relationships between the characters. Owen Wilson is married to the star (Kathryn Hahn) of a new play he’s directing, but sleeping around with the call girl (Imogen Poots), who’s dating the playwright (Will Forte), who just broke up with the call girl’s therapist (Jennifer Aniston). Rhys Ifans is also a cast member of said play, and so far his character seems to exist primarily to spy on Wilson’s infidelity, make out with Hahn’s character on set, and then later suggest a similar arrangement with Poots. Michael Shannon plays a smartass cop, which is a nice bonus.

She’s Funny That Way will hit theaters August 14, but until then feel free to jump repeatedly to the most crucial part of the trailer—where Owen Wilson struggles to speak for five consecutive seconds, then does his signature “exasperated Owen Wilson” sound.