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You know how much scarier horror movies always are whenever they stop what they’re doing and explain everything in patient, lengthy detail? No? Weird, because that’s more or less what this red band trailer for Sinister 2 does. Now that the first film let the cat out of the bag about the mysterious entity behind those creepy home movies (his name is “Bughuul,” which sounds like an onomatopoeia for a Don Knotts double take), the second one seems to have no compunctions abut keeping any secrets. Even those creepy kids from the original Sinister are now just straight-up having reasonable conversations with the new family, as though there was simply a minor disagreement over parking the family station wagon too near their driveway. Maybe that’s the plot of this one?

Regardless, Ethan Hawke’s writerly patriarch has been replaced by Shannyn Sossamon, a seemingly single mom with two boys and an awkward Southern accent. James Ransome also co-stars, and is hilariously credited on IMDB with the character name of “So & So,” implying there will be lots of “Hey, you old So & So!” jokes in this one. Co-written by the original director Scott Derrickson and directed by Citadel’s Ciarán Foy, Sinister 2 comes out August 21, and will hopefully be scarier than this trailer suggests.


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