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We recently sat down with Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn, supervising sound editors of A Quiet Place, to find out the five films and television shows most inspirational to their work.

Apocalypse Now


“One of my favorite things about David Lynch’s filmmaking is that he uses sound like music and sound design becomes this emotional undercurrent often working very subliminally.”—Erik Aadahl


Twin Peaks

“It’s playing with temporal reality and sound in that way to me is magic.”—Erik Aadahl

Jurassic Park

“A film that immediately springs to mind actually is Jurassic Park and just the idea of using sound to bring creatures that don’t exist to life, or a world that doesn’t exist to life.”—Ethan Van Der Ryn



“It’s not about having people chattering to each other, it can be about how can we use sound to immerse people into a world and worlds of emotion and drama and that movie did an incredible job of doing that.”—Ethan Van Der Ryn


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