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A new trailer has been released for Southbound, an upcoming horror anthology film from a production team that includes Roxanne Benjamin and Brad Miska, who both participated in the V/H/S movies. Southbound debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and played at Fantastic Fest shortly after that; it tells five interlocking stories about travelers who face their worst fears on the same stretch of desert highway—a highway to hell, if you will.


The trailer introduces the group of weary travelers, which includes two men on the run, three girls in a band who are heading to their next show, a man who just wants to get home, a brother looking for his long-lost sister, and a family on a vacation that takes a deadly turn. They’re all looking for something, but the road brings them a lot more than they bargained for, mainly horror tropes like a deserted hospital, creepy twins, smiling masks, and a shadowy figure suspended in midair. And, as with most horror tales, a group of young people makes a bunch of really dumb decisions, like going home with a creepily nice family they just met on a desert highway. Will they ever learn?

Southbound will have a limited theatrical run starting on February 5 before its release on VOD on February 9.

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