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The Special Effects In Takers Will Rip Your Face Off

I haven't heard of the movie Takers. You haven't heard of the movie Takers. Apparently Matt Dillon, star of the movie Takers, hasn't heard of Takers, because he didn't even turn in a photo for the promo team to expertly MacPaint into the Takers poster. (They left a voicemail asking him to send a headshot to the LA Takers office, but Dillon misunderstood. Long story short, now all the LA Lakers are on a rotating schedule so they don't get into anymore locker room brawls about who gets to tape up Matt Dillon's headshot in their locker.)

But based on the following poster, the special effects in Takers are primed to blow our minds. Takers is literally gonna rip your face off and sloppily photoshop it onto the body of a generic club douchebag—especially if you're Paul Walker.


(via ComingSoon.net)

See, this is what happens when you invite Chris Brown to the poster photo shoot first—you're forced to just cancel the whole thing and MacPaint a bunch of headshots onto a still from a Jamie Foxx video. Then again, maybe Takers is just the new title for Shattered Glass 2: Shatterier in which Stephen Glass tries to sell a story about his starring role in Ocean's 14, with a series of unconvincing on set photoshops as evidence. (The movie is 5 minutes long.)  Either that or it's thriller about how far T.I. and Paul Walker are willing to go to satisfy their hunger for black turtlenecks.

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