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The teaser trailer for Morgan proves A.I. is always a bad idea

Two years ago, writer-director Seth W. Owen’s Morgan was included on the 2014 Black List, an annual tabulation of the film industry’s most popular unproduced screenplays. And the fact that sci-fi cautionary tale has now been produced—at least enough to facilitate this creepy teaser trailer—shows how valuable inclusion on that studio executive-compiled list can be.


In the film, helmed by first-time feature director Luke Scott, Kate Mara (House Of Cards) plays a corporate risk management consultant who’s sent to a remote research laboratory in order to investigate a deadly accident and determine what should be done with the experimental artificial being at its center. The preview doesn’t give much away, not even the face of its titular android. But if grim imagery and unsettling soundscapes were explosions, this would have the makings of a summer blockbuster. Rose Leslie (Game Of Thrones), Toby Jones (Captain America: The First Avenger), and Paul Giamatti (Big Fat Liar) co-star.

No release date for Morgan has been announced.

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