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The terrifying It Comes At Night trailer opens the red door

This weekend, the inaugural edition of the Overlook Film Festival played host to the surprise world premiere of It Comes At Night, the new film from Krisha director Trey Edward Shults. We’ll have a review of the movie in our upcoming Overlook Festival roundup, but in the meantime, distributor A24 has released a trailer for the emotionally intense post-apocalyptic horror tale. Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ejogo star as a couple holed up in a remote cabin as an unnamed disease ravages the world outside, with Kelvin Harrison, Jr. as their 17-year old son, whose nightmares serve as the audience’s portal to the horror closing in on their family. The arrival of another family desperately fleeing the plague sends their carefully constructed routine into a paranoid frenzy, with terrifying and brutally violent results.

It Comes At Night opens the red door into theaters on June 9.


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