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The Tomorrowland trailer whisks you to the wonderful world of George Clooney

After more than a year being shrouded in secrecy and misdirection, Disney, director Brad Bird, and star George Clooney have at last lifted the veil on Tomorrowland, their sci-fi fantasy loosely based—as so many Disney movies are—on the theme park attraction of the same name. And judging by the trailer, they have indeed accurately captured the essence of that theme park, with Britt Robertson playing a bright, if jaded teen who touches a souvenir pin and is instantly whisked away to a better, more advanced world of guys in jetpacks and George Clooney, like a FastPass to the future. All told, it’s a smartly effective teaser full of an optimism that’s unusual for sci-fi these days, and just enough of screenwriter Damon Lindelof’s cryptic mystery to intrigue without being frustrating. And unlike the actual Tomorrowland, you won’t see anyone puking outside of Space Mountain.


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