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The trailer for A Dog’s Purpose gets real heavy, real fast

It’s National Dog Day today. And hey, what better way to celebrate man’s best friend than with a trailer for a movie that’ll let you watch the single worst part of the joyful ritual of dog ownership not just once, but repeatedly? That’s the premise of A Dog’s Purpose, the new Dennis Quaid film that tracks the lives, deaths, and reincarnations of a single Josh Gad-voiced pooch as he wanders around the earth in various bodies that will, inevitably, fail far faster than those of the humans who love them.


You can tell from the tone of the trailer that everybody involved—including What’s Eating Gilbert Grape director Lasse Hallström—thinks this is heart-warming, and not incredibly, depressingly grim. And hey, maybe they’re right: more than enough people bought the W. Bruce Cameron novel it’s based on to justify A Dog’s Purpose being filmed. Still, every time the trailer trots out a new corgi or German shepherd for Gad to narrate over, all we can think about is watching these good, good dogs give up the adorable ghost over and over again, and now we’re super bummed out. Thanks, A Dog’s Purpose.

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