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The trailer for Adam Sandler’s next Netflix movie has swearing and a butt

Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous 6 didn’t turn out to be as unspeakably terrible as people expected/hoped it would be, but it still wasn’t really good enough to inspire much hope in The Do-Over, Sandler’s next direct-to-Netflix project. Thankfully, Netflix has released a teaser for the film that could, in theory, get someone excited about seeing it. After all, it makes Sandler’s latest vacation with David Spade look like a fair amount of fun, with its quick glimpses of a gun, a crazy car crash, and somebody’s naked butt. Granted, it’s probably Sandler’s butt, but that shouldn’t detract from anyone’s enjoyment of this teaser.

Anyway, the YouTube description says that the movie is about Sandler faking his death and “taking off on an adventure,” which actually makes the teaser seem a little more coherent than it does otherwise. The Do-Over will premiere on Netflix on May 27.


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