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The trailer for Brad Pitt’s WWII movie Fury hits all the war-movie tropes

If there’s a moral to be taken away from the trailer for Brad Pitt’s new World War II film, Fury, it’s that wars are violent—but also noble—and they inspire diverse groups of men to find humor and camaraderie in even the darkest of times. In other words, the same moral of basically every WWII movie ever made. Here Pitt plays a battle-hardened sergeant named Wardaddy, who leads a small platoon of men including Jon Bernthal, Michael Peña, and a pre-retirement Shia LaBeouf. “Deals are peaceful, history is violent,” Pitt explains to the young, inexperienced soldier (Logan Lerman) with whom he will surely develop a fatherly relationship.


While the tropes are awfully familiar, writer/director David Ayer will likely insert the grim sensibility he’s brought, to varying degrees of success, to past cop dramas like Harsh Times, End Of Watch, and Training Day. The movie appears to be building to a climax in which the five-person platoon faces off against a 300-strong German army. Fury hits theaters on November 14—however, those who aren’t interested in seeing Pitt in this particular WWII-era drama, can just wait for his next WWII-era drama, which is slated to be a bit more romantic.

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