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The trailer for Deliver Us From Evil promises cops, unholy spirits, and—hey, is that Joel McHale?

Eric Bana is a cop on the edge. Édgar Ramírez is a priest who plays by his own rules. They don’t do things by the book (except maybe the Good Book) but they get results, dammit! That appears to be the gist of Deliver Us From Evil, the new buddy-cop horror movie from the director of The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and Sinister. Bana and Ramírez form an unlikely alliance, Rush Hour-style, to take down “real evil”—not the scary drug-lord kind, but the kind that scrawls ominous messages onto walls, plays the piano while invisible, and makes cuddly toys come to horrifying life. Who or what is responsible for all that unholy mischief? Better questions: What is Joel McHale doing in this movie, and is that a backwards baseball cap he’s wearing? All mysteries will be solved on July 2, when Deliver Us From Evil delivers us from feverish speculation.


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