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The trailer for Holidays is absolutely ridiculous—in a good way

As the justification for an anthology film, the concept of “holidays” is arguably no more or less silly than whatever wraparound segments usually get attached to such films. The romantic comedy anthologies in recent years have already claimed individual holidays—New Year’s, Valentine’s—so naturally, a horror movie has come along to just call dibs on all of them.

Holidays, the upcoming horror film with eight connected shorts, may be good or it may be garbage (like most horror anthologies, the final product will probably be a combination thereof), but its trailer certainly makes for entertaining viewing. Almost the only dialogue initially coming from Seth Green’s luckless Christmas Eve quest to go shopping, it quickly flips open the lid of its Pandora’s Box of crazy, delvering a barrage of nutso imagery and tantalizing suggestions of some very fucked-up little narratives.

Including offerings from Kevin Smith (yes, Kevin Smith), Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact), and a number of other promising younger horror directors, Holidays doesn’t look to be the most coherent or consistent of the recent crop of scary-movie anthologies, but it has the potential to be one of the more bonkers. The movie has a VOD release of April 15, followed by a theatrical run starting April 22.

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