“The Drac Pack Is Back,” exclaims this trailer about a group of characters from a 2012 film most people forgot existed. But given that Hotel Transylvania was a massive commercial hit for Sony Pictures Animation, Count Dracula (Adam Sandler) and his monster friends are returning for more comic misadventures in Hotel Transylvania 2. And, by the look of this trailer, those misadventures mostly involve child abuse and arson.

While the first movie saw Dracula coming to terms with his daughter falling for a human, this time around Drac is bonding with his half-human, half-vampire grandson by throwing him off a tall tower. Ostensibly it’s to encourage the little guy to fly, but it feels more like a torture method used in a dystopian YA novel. And that’s before Frankenstein sets an entire camp on fire in an attempt to escape the flames ravaging his body. All that and more kid-friendly fun hits theaters when Hotel Transylvania 2 is released on September 25.