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The trailer for Kidnap is a parent’s worst nightmare

Trigger warning for anybody who has a kid, knows a kid, once met a kid, or ever was a kid. This trailer for Kidnap is essentially that nagging fear that is constantly running in the background of every parent’s brain, but amplified by a thousand and then condensed into two minutes. Halle Berry plays a woman who brings her aggressively adorable child to a crowded playground while ominously placid guitar chords flit through the soundtrack. Given the title of the movie, you can probably assume what happens next. The gentle plucking music gives way to machinist clangs and bwomps, and the terrified mother spends the rest of the preview ignoring protocol and causing traffic accidents while chasing after the unfamiliar car she saw her son pushed into.


Directed by Spanish-born filmmaker Luis Prieto (Pusher) from a screenplay by first-time feature writer (and Bad Grandpa associate producer) Knate Gwaltney, this movie indulges the ugliest thoughts that cascade through parents’ heads while still ultimately granting them the peace that comes with the fantasy that they actually have some control over the horrors of life.

Kidnap is scheduled to be released on December 2.

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