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The trailer for Matthew Weiner’s Are You Here (formerly You Are Here) is here

With the finale of Mad Men set for next spring, everyone’s wondering what rascally series creator Matthew Weiner will do next. The spin-off Pete Campbell Hate HourMad Men Babies? Or maybe a comedy that stars Zach Galifianakis as a North Carolina man-child, Amy Poehler as his control freak sister, and Owen Wilson as his weatherman best friend? As it turns out, it’s the last one.


Are You Here—then called You Are Here—premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival. The film, which is based on a script that significantly predates Mad Men, received overwhelmingly negative reviews, and this generic, dead-air-filled trailer doesn’t exactly do much to sell it either. Perhaps the August 22 release date will give Weiner enough time to edit a new, definitive version, Here You Are, Assholes.

Are You Here is actually Weiner’s second feature. In 1995, he directed and starred in What Do You Do All Day?, a semi-improvised, low-budget indie so little-seen, IMDb doesn’t even list it.

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