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The trailer for Mickey Keating’s Darling teases a Hitchcockian descent into madness

Darling, an A.V. Club favorite at last year’s Fantastic Fest, is finally making its way to a theater near you—or at least, Xfinity On Demand.

Keeping the audience unsettled with eerie sound effects and a deliberate pace, director Mickey Keating expertly riffs on Roman Polanski in this brisk and wildly unnerving descent into madness. While the film has style to spare, it also rests heavily on Lauren Ashley Carter’s performance; Carter is on her own for most of the film’s run time, but her big doe eyes and ’60s style dresses are absolutely mesmerizing as she subtly drags the audience along on a creepy ride into terror. The trailer perfectly captures the film’s whimsical, Hitchcockian style, which implies that this is the most fun you’ll have being scared at the movies.


The sparse cast also features Larry Fessenden and Sean Young. Darling makes its way to select theaters April 1, 2016.

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