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The trailer for Rage gives him a stage where Nicolas can Cage

Nicolas Cage’s newest thing he did for a month, Rage, finds him playing a family man pushed to the very edge of Nicolas Cage after his daughter is kidnapped, forcing him to draw upon his shady past for the certain set of skills required to get her back. As noted when it was announced last year, it’s a premise remarkably similar to 2012’s Nicolas Cage movie Stolen, which was itself incredibly similar to Taken—which was only a Liam Neeson away from being Seeking Justice or Trespass anyway. And really, they are all part of the indistinguishably interwoven tapestry of life, in which our time on Earth can be measured in the laced warps and wefts of Nicolas Cage shouting theatrically and holding as many guns as he can carry. Anyway, this one has also snared Peter Stormare as a wheelchair-bound Russian gangster and Danny Glover as a cop who is definitely too old for the shit of Nicolas Cage yelling, “I’m out of the game!” at him. But they are, as are we all, merely tangled in the never-ending loop that is Nicolas Cage.


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