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The trailer for Takashi Miike’s new horror film teases the craziness in store

The man who made the movie The A.V. Club crowned the best horror movie of the 2000s is back with a new tale of weirdness and terror. Over Your Dead Body may not have the greatest title, but the trailer certainly suggests it’s anything but your average horror film. It provides relatively few details, but the story has something to do with theater actors putting on a period piece that starts to get confusing. Or maybe it’s just a baby that seems to be a living doll. Or maybe the woman who notices it is hallucinating the whole thing? Regardless, it’s definitely a Takashi Miike film. Our film editor wasn’t so hot on it when he saw it at TIFF last year, but even he acknowledges that the third act is absolutely bananas. Miike fans, you’ve been warned. Everyone else, get ready for something that—good or bad—is almost certain to be unlike anything else.


Over Your Dead Body arrives January 5, both on demand and as a Blu-ray from Scream Factory (which you can already pre-order).

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