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The trailer for The Voices has a cat instructing Ryan Reynolds to kill people

Entertainment Weekly has posted the trailer for The Voices, a new horror-comedy from Persepolis writer-director Marjane Satrapi. Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, an upbeat but somewhat slow warehouse employee who gets by with a little help from his talking house pets and a regimen of anti-psychotic medication.

Following the narrative principle of “Chekhov’s anti-crazy pills,” Jerry begins to skimp on his medication and falls increasingly under the influence of his pets. And while Jerry’s bull mastiff seems harmless enough, his tabby is less constructive. Mr. Whiskers encourages Jerry to “feel alive” and “do bad things,” like kill his dates and store their heads in his fridge. Will Anna Kendrick rescue him from his murderous hallucinations, or will her head wind up in the icebox next to Gemma Arterton’s? Find out the answer on February 6, when the film opens in theaters and on VOD.


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