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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2

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Okay, so that big battle sequence in the film’s trailer? The one where everyone runs at each other and Robert Pattinson whips Kristen Stewart around so she can kick someone in the face? It’s basically a dream sequence. More specifically, it’s the scenario that Ashley Greene’s character, who can see into the future, shows to the mind-reading Michael Sheen; it’s what could happen if everyone doesn’t make up and go home, which is of course what they end up doing.

But the fake-out battle scene is a lot of fun, with lots of PG-13-friendly beheadings that tread the line between gross and silly. (Even more fun: Watching the diehard Twilight fans in the audience gasp and scream as their favorite characters are killed off one by one.) None of this happens in the book, which ends with a lot of talking on a battlefield, but no actual battle, making this the only real risk the Twilight Saga films have taken, one that’s sure to upset some fans before ultimately placating them. The sequence isn’t wholly successful—it’s dragged down by the TV-grade CGI, and goes so far over the top that it ends up showing its cards prematurely—but it is bold, which the Twilight films almost never are.

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