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The Waterboy

The words "high expectations" and "Adam Sandler" are as foreign to each other as snow to the Sahara. The comedian's brand of broad humor boils down to bad taste and low class at their most extreme, but, as is the case with the work of most of his fellow Saturday Night Live alums, even Sandler's dumbest movies offer at least a couple of guilty chuckles. His golf comedy Happy Gilmore is a bona fide hoot. But woe be to anyone who watches The Waterboy in hopes of even the most desperate snicker. Sandler plays a water-obsessed, socially inept backwoods swamp rat in Louisiana whose repressed rage makes him the perfect remedy for an ailing university football team. While his possessive mother (a slumming Kathy Bates) doesn't want him playing "fusball" or hanging out with local skank Fairuza Balk, effete coach Henry Winkler convinces him that playing football will be the doorway to the education he's always desired. Essentially an extended cross between Sandler's "canteen boy" and "Cajun man" skits from SNL—remember them?—The Waterboy is a mess of bad timing, bad jokes, and bad ideas so lame that even Sandler's idiot man-child mugging can't enliven the proceedings. Note to Sandler: When the retard routine stops working, you might want to rethink your options.


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