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The Wedding Singer

Which came first, The Wedding Singer's script or the track listing of its destined-for-success soundtrack? This lackluster romantic comedy would appear to indicate the latter, as it makes so many efforts to mine '80s nostalgia that it neglects to actually be funny. Adam Sandler follows up his hilarious Happy Gilmore by playing a downbeat wedding singer, stood up at the altar by his hair-farmer girlfriend and sporting an unrequited crush on the new girl in town, Drew Barrymore, who's engaged to a philandering greaseball. Most of The Wedding Singer's jokes don't extend far beyond the funniness of A Flock Of Seagulls' hair; the rest repeatedly rely upon the elderly and children for easy chuckles. The movie abounds with anachronisms and obvious attempts at replicating 1985: a Rubik's Cube here, a "Beat It" jacket there, some breakdancing, Miami Vice references, and lots of day-glo. Sandler is endearing as a sensitive nice guy, and Barrymore is a cute love interest, but The Wedding Singer fails to deliver the anticipated laughs. Only great cameos—one by Steve Buscemi, one by Jon Lovitz, and one by a World-Famous '80s Rock Star—stop it from sinking entirely into mushy sentiment.


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