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There’s a mini Face/Off reunion in the trailer for evil-nanny thriller Inconceivable

Missing an opportunity to use the title The Evil Nanny Diaries, the upcoming Inconceivable is more than just an opportunity to use a Wallace Shawn voice when saying the name. The movie is also a mini Face/Off reunion, and while we’d all like to see Nicolas Cage and John Travolta go bonkers together again, this one puts Cage back together with the delightful Gina Gershon as a couple who have seen their efforts to make a bigger family thwarted. Instead, Gershon’s mother befriends Katie (Nicky Whelan), a young woman with a daughter the same age as Gershon’s child. And it’s not long before Katie and her kid have moved into the guest house, with the new resident becoming the live-in nanny for Cage and Gershon’s daughter.

Anyone who’s seen The Hand That Rocks The Cradle knows where this is going, as Katie is soon unleashing her inner crazy while simultaneously carrying out a long con to make Gershon look like the nutso one. The obviousness of it all is part of the trashy fun when it comes to these sorts of movies, though first-time director Jonathan Baker has a resume more packed with reality TV appearances—the Playboy bunny series The Girls Next Door and World Championship Poker to be specific, not that we’re judging—than directing gigs, so it remains to be seen if he’s got the chops to deliver the necessary fun for a tawdry genre exercise like this. Inconceivable comes out in theaters and On Demand June 30—and there’s the title again, so we may as well just watch this montage together.

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