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There’s a new trailer for Hardcore Henry (née Hardcore) that’s just as full of nausea-inducing sprints and stunts as the first one, though we get more backstory and Sharlto Copley this time around. The Indiegogo-funded, GoPro-filmed action flick places the titular cybernetic super-soldier and the viewer in the thick of the action, thanks to the first-person POV. We learn that Henry’s wife has been abducted by a powerful Russian warlord, who actually has designs on the super-soldier. When Henry sets out to rescue her, he’s aided by Copley, who pops up in various forms and states of undress. It’s hard to make out the precise sequence of events, but it does appear that Henry & Co. ride a motorcycle through a van while on their mission, in addition to killing ever so many henchmen.


Hardcore Henry proves a little hard to handle in just these 2-3 minute intervals, so good luck handling the film’s 95-minute runtime when it hits theaters April 8—after all, when The A.V. Club’s Ignatiy Vishnevetsky caught the film at TIFF last year, at least five people left the theater due to motion sickness.

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