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There’s more Godzilla, more Bryan Cranston in the new Godzilla trailer

Warner Bros. is still playing a little coy with the skyscraper-sized star attraction of its Godzilla reboot. The new full-length trailer offers only fleeting glimpses of the G-man—a shot of his jagged back-spikes rising out of the drink, a few extreme close-ups of his leathery hide, a climactic, obscured peek of his gaping maw. This is, of course, more than what the teaser offered; by the 17th and final spot, fans will probably wish producers had kept some tiny fraction of the monster under wraps. In any case, this promising preview leaves most of the scenery chewing to Bryan Cranston, whose ominous, scolding monologue (“It is gonna send us back to the Stone Age!”) teases the destruction that awaits. Speaking of destruction, director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) clearly hasn’t skimped on the apocalyptic mass chaos: The trailer opens with a overhead view of a congested expressway, the tiny cars presumably fleeing a radioactive monster, and builds to a shot of the ravaged Statue of Liberty, which is no stranger to the angry whims of a giant, rampaging lizard. The movie lumbers into theaters on May 16.


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