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There’s nothing really smart or funny about the Central Intelligence trailer

From the looks of the trailer, Central Intelligence is too busy pointing out the disparate sizes of its two leads to be bothered to bring something new to the buddy film genre. But does that even matter when the dick jokes are right there on the movie poster?


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as Bob, a contract killer for the CIA who asks Kevin Hart’s accountant character to help him figure out who’s trying to sell military secrets. We see that their differences aren’t limited to their sizes—Bob leads the flashy lifestyle of someone who’s paid to kill his conscience along with people, while Hart’s character is a boring pencil- pusher. Despite the fact that Hart’s body would barely provide a shield for one of Bob’s legs, Bob wants to team up with him. Hart remains reluctant, but the pair eventually get dressed in expensive suits to get shot at by goons.

Bob’s willingness to risk his diminutive pal’s life makes more sense when it’s revealed that they went to high school together, where Bob was a chubby, bullied nerd, and Hart’s character (there’s no name given in the trailer or on IMDb) was the most popular kid. You can watch this ersatz Revenge Of The Nerds sequel when it hits theaters on June 17, 2016.

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