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Things are pretty black and white in this Sin City: A Dame To Kill For trailer

It must be pretty rough living in Sin City. Sure, everything looks really slick in black and white, and nobody ever has to worry about their clothes matching, but then there are all of those adult situations and murders they have to deal with. Every time you turn a corner, somebody’s either stripping or shooting somebody or driving a car really fast as the camera zooms in on their face.


There’s plenty of that in this new trailer for A Dame To Kill For, the Sin City prequel/sequel that’s finally coming out nine years after the original. Unlike that movie, with its handful of clearly separated stories that each focus on a particular character, this trailer for Dame makes it look like everybody’s adventures will tie together in some way. It also gives us a glimpse of Bruce Willis’ John Hartigan (who is apparently a ghost now) as well as Josh Brolin’s Dwight (before he gets plastic surgery to look like Clive Owen), Mickey Rourke’s Mr. Ugly Man, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Mr. Handsome Man.

A Dame To Kill For was directed by Frank Miller and will also apparently feature Lady Gaga. If those things are appealing to you, it will be in theaters on August 22.

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