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Third Tomorrowland trailer is all about action, George Clooney, and George Clooney’s cool house

There’s a lot of action in this third trailer for Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland. The previous footage has mostly been about the movie’s intriguing mysteries, but this one has all the sci-fi gunfights and surprisingly graphic deaths that you would expect from a George Clooney-starring Disney film. To be fair, Tomorrowland does pull the classic Saturday-morning cartoon cheat of having all of the dead bad guys be robots, but don’t act like it’s not a little shocking when one guy gets his hand completely ripped off and another guy gets sliced up into cubes. What if they hadn’t been robots, and George Clooney had just murdered some weird dudes with laser guns? There’s pretty much no story in this trailer, but when the action looks this fun—and when we already know the screenplay was written by Bird and Lost‘s Damon Lindelof—that’s not such a big deal.


Tomorrowland will be in theaters on May 22.

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